Install Powershell GroupPolicy module on Server Core 2008R2

Is it possible to install the Powershell GroupPolicy module on Server Core 2008R2?  

I was able to install the ActiveDirectory module, but it does not contain the cmdlets I need for group policy manipulation.

Everything I've seen indicates you must be running a GUI based OS to install it (ie. Windows Server 2008R2 Full or Windows 7).
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Felix LevenConnect With a Mentor Senior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
not possible, sry. only with rsat tools on win7 client for example.
Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
Import-Module GroupPolicy wont work?
jbcsystechAuthor Commented:
Not on server core
jbcsystechAuthor Commented:
Unfortunate.  Thanks for your time.
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