Web Site Not Showing Up On the Internet

I am running Windows Server 2008.  I have my company website hosted on this server.  When I attempt to locate my website on the web it does not show up.  What should I check on the server to make sure everything is running that should be?

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0x6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the outputs of following commands from the command prompt:

ipconfig /all

nslookup www.yoursite.com

Do a DNS Lookup for your website on:

Report back
vnicolaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most likely a DNS issue as pointed out by 0x6. If your site is newly created/registered, it may take some time for the info to propagate.

Check also the firewall. Are you allowing port 80 in?

Can you access the web site from the local LAN?  if not, you may need to set up "multiple identities" in IIS.
submarinerssbn731Author Commented:
dnssy.com results
Connecting to WWW server: I was unable to connect to the WWW port on www.plasticsolutions.com. You WWW server is not working. Skipping further WWW tests.  ipconfigall.txt nslookup.txt  The two attached files are the ipconfig /all and the nslookup results.
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submarinerssbn731Author Commented:
I cannot access the site from my LAN.  Where is the IIS on Server 2008.  I did not find any IIS service as well.
Personally, I would not use as a DNS. I would use the real IP address, not the loopback.

For the host headers:


0x6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ipconfig looks like from your Domain Controller. Is this server Hyper-V as well?
Is your webserver running as a virtual machine inside this server?

To check if IIS is installed:
Start--Administrative Tools--IIS
Right-click Computer--Manage--Roles--Check if IIS is installed. Better yet post a screen shot of the Roles Screen.
submarinerssbn731Author Commented:
IIS-Configuration.doc  Attached is the screen shot of the IIS configuration.
ok. So everything is running on this server except the firewall. Am I correct?

Can you access the site from the server itself?

We need to get to the firewall. Please let us know what kind it is and check for the following:
1) The public IP 216......... is assigned to an interface on the firewall
2) That interface (Public IP address) is listening on port 80
3) That port 80 traffic is being forwarded to the internal IP (192.168.....) of the IIS server

Also please post screen shot of the following:
Right-click on Plastic Sol........ under Sites in IIS--Edit Bindings
submarinerssbn731Author Commented:
Good answers!  Thanks!
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