Need a simple business shell for website with menu & 1 column

Need a simple business shell for website with menu & 1 column.
I'd like the menu to use's menu control.
I am on visual studio 2005 and would like to use master pages.
Any one know of a website with a free shell or real good tutorial to walk me thru this?
I can code just fine once I get the shell.  I'll add datagrids, etc... I am just not a web designer so I dont know much about this stuff.  thx.
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flyingsquirelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I forgot to add, that once installed you can customize as you want. Its all in .asp with aspx files or even a html conversion.
If you are just looking for a master page then download the source and simply look in the portals/_default/skins folder for template aspx pages.
There are sample websites that microsoft provides. They include source code too...
Perhaps some of these will help too...

Remember that to design an aspx page is much like html.

Here's a masterpage tutorial. Many online too....

Hope this helps!
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Sorry. Here's 1 more step-by-step for creating a simple masterpage site.
Dude, a great option is DotNetNuke. All opensource ASP and you can simply install it out of the box to have a full CMS with easy user for the end user. We use it for all our clients (built hundreds of sites).

With SQL express or server you cn have a site up in 10 minutes. 
Even though you did not end up going with my solutions I did provide some very helpful links, especially with regards to your masterpage inquiries, etc... I would appreciate some points for my research. Thanks.
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