Uninstall Fatal Error MySql connector/Net

I had to uninstall a new version of Connector/Net and use an older version because my host has a lower version.

So...when I uninstalled it from my development machine, there is an error and I cannot install the new version, and I cannot unistall the old version...

how can I clean up the first version from my PC so that i can install the new one?

can I clean out the registry and/or the files manually?
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Error maybe caused by some file that missing.
Please try repair the OS.
Usually after repair, uninstall work successfully.
j-w-thomasAuthor Commented:
Actually one of the files within the program I am trying to reinstall got deleted in error. So the OS can't read all of the files in order to unintstall them and the new version notices that there is an old version so it won't install
j-w-thomasAuthor Commented:
I actually did a restore back before the day I installed it adn that worked fine.

j-w-thomasAuthor Commented:
Incomplete but helpful
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