Jeditable working PHP / MySQL example


I am trying to use jquery/ jqGrid (

I want to enhance the functionality by editing the content. I found jEditable ( However, I did not get any working PHP / MYSQL code which provided an complete transaction (editing, saving data).

Can I get a working example? I am using XML to send data to jqgrid and would like to return the edited XML back.
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Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
Did u checked this Link

Hope this helps
nainilAuthor Commented:
I did check the examples. But, i believe most PHP code is refering to the rendering of data from server and not saving data back to the server after edits. May be I missed something.
Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
Yes grid seems to be for the data dump and less of editing.
nainilAuthor Commented:
any other working example? using another plugin probably?
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