Which Virtualization certification should i go with for better career prospective

Hello Experts,

I am a windows administrator and want to do Virtualization certification.
I am not sure which virtualization technology i should continue as per the future market prospective and a good career.

Please recommend out of the below:-

Microsoft, Citrix or VMware ESX

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Just do some quick research and you will figure out by yourself that XEN is nowhere mentioned on Cloud Computing and Virtualization.  Virtual Desktops and Virtual Applications will be at the cloud using vCloud.  Get knowledge on ESX, you could start by installing ESXi (which is free) on your home server.  The download a copy of vSphere to manage your ESXi and get some Virtual Machines to work.  Try the same thing with XEN and you will notice the difference.  

I work at the DC Metro area as an Independent Consultant for the Federal Government; where are they headed: cloud computing using VMWare Solutions.  Simple as that.

It's good to strive to know everything, but the day only has 24 hours and there are 7 days a week.  Start with VMWare, you wont be disappointed.
Hi there,

You should take the VCP.  It is a recognized certification and provided by VMWare which are Virtualization Leaders.  Here is the link for additional information:


Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
IN order:
VMWare (ESX)
Microsoft (Hyper-V)
Citrix (Xen)

VMWare is definitely the #1 virtualization system.  Microsoft will gain ground and be useful.  Citrix... MAYBE they grow into a significant player... but right now I doubt you'll find them many places today or in 2 years.
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As the other two have pointed out go with VMWare training.
Virtualization goes far beyond server virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer).  Also consider virtualized desktops and applications (hosted and streamed).  VMWare is king of server virtualization, though when it comes to application and desktops Citrix is the major player.  In my opinion you should strive to learn them all.
Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
If you have VCP and SAN knowledge, you'll have to have some pretty serious personality issues to keep you from getting a decent job.  :)

If EE is any indication of what the world is like in IT, VMware is the tech to know.  11700 questions in the VMware zone, 2200 in MS virtual server/PC and 740 in Citrix (how many of them are Xen server???).
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
>  In my opinion you should strive to learn them all.
I agree - like you should strive to know Windows, MacOS and Linux.

But I also agree, 24 hours in a day makes learning everything today VERY difficult.  IF you're good and sharp, you'll realize there are similarities in all systems and figure out the differences ... meaning you really need to understand the concepts + 1 specific to do pretty well on all.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
All have good Job Propests if you also have the experience.
depends where your career is going vmwae vcp is at the moment the leading datacenter virtualization technology as its far better than m$'s hyper-v imho. Citrix'ss strength at the moment is desktop virtulization and vmware view

Also lunix is coming in strong with linux lts

The vmware advantage is esx vsphere can support virtually any o/s from linux to windows server
I think vshpere 4.5 is due out latter this year as they are taking vmotion and drs further away from  their competitors

I do think M$ will get it right eventually and citrix does have some good idea's but as yet they have not managed to overcome vmware's technology

Muzafar MominCommented:
go for VCP410 to start off
I would wait until latter for vcp4.5  the backend stuff like vmotion and drs are changing
subhashchyAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much guys for your valueble openions. I was a bit confused which caused this question.

I will go for VMware now..

I say get the A+. it makes you cool.
subhashchyAuthor Commented:
Excellent Guidence.
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