Microsoft Ecxhange 2010 EMC error


Trying to open the Exchange Management Console I get the Following error:

•The attempt to connect to using "Kerberose" authentication failed: Connecting to remote server
failed with the following message" Login Failure: Unknown Username or Bad Password.

 Where can I go to set the permissions to access the EMC?

This server was deployed this past weekend and no changes to permissions or to the administrator account have been made this is a new Windows SBS 2011 server with Microsoft Exchange 2010.
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radiantjConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem as it turns out was a cached credential. Microsoft had not seen this issue before so my call was free.
Windows SBS 2011 server is designed to be administered through the SBS admin center. Remember SBS is "Server Lite" and "Exchange Lite". CareBear authentication is time sensitive so make sure both computer within 3 minutes an in same time zone.
radiantjAuthor Commented:
I am trying to open the exchange management console on the the server not remotely.
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You can access the Exchange management console in SBS 2011 in the same way you do it from a full-blown Exchange 2010 installation (I've done it both ways) typically, the way I add Exchange administrative permissions is to open up active directory users and computers (Start-> administrative tools-active directory users and computers). Once there, expand your_domain_name and then go to "Microsoft exchange security groups". Add your username to the "organization management" security group and then log off and log back in for to take effect.

Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
I suggest you refer to the following article to troubleshoot the EMC\EMS startup issue.

If the issue persists, please open Event Viewer and verify whether there is any error. If so, please post it here for research.
radiantjAuthor Commented:
Please understand, I am trying to launch the Exchange Managment Console on the server itself not remotely.
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Thanks for the update.Have a greate day.
radiantjAuthor Commented:
None of the "experts" were close to the issue
I did a new installation of sbs 2011 with allowing to do the updates during installation, the installation ends with minor errors and the EMC is not accessible. The reason for a new start, because I could not fix the problem on the old SBS2011 within 2 days.

Installing without permission to update gives a working example of the SBS 2011 and access to the EMC.  If Google is right the last service pack is faulty, and Microsoft does not care about it.

I am installing on Hyper V, so it is easy to keep VHDs on various states of the Installation. If the updates kill the access to EMC again, I will have MS to fix it.

Microsoft certainly has crazy problems with remote access (complicated and unstable). I hope it gets better with Windows 8. My Lumia 800 works without proplems with exchange, all I had to do was mailing the certificate.
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