sybase repair

hello i have sybase db it there anywau to repair it?  or convert the data to excel or acess ?
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alpmoonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to start database engine to access data. You can do it like below command:

dbeng12 -n demo12 "%SQLANYSAMP12%\demo.db"

Syntax depends on the version of ASA assuming that it is Sybase ASA database. I can provide more detail if you send exact version of database. It might be an old version.
If you can write codes, you could programamatically do it.
Does it has a GUI ?
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
sorry i don't understand what do u mean ? i just have the db file:)
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OK, try to download apporiate -
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
sorry but what i have to do with all of the application ?!
Why do you need to repair? Doesn't it start? Or don't you have software to access it?

Please more details, otherwise I don't think that anyone can help you.
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
our software client don't read the database, i don't know any information about sybase engine
what i want it's the way to read the data and check it if it ok or not and export the data,
best reagrds.
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