set up - Backup Mail Exchanger in Cpanel

How do i set up a backup Mail Exchanger in Cpanel, step by step?

I an googled the subject, found some solutions but always some bits are missing

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John Gates, CISSPConnect With a Mentor Security ProfessionalCommented:
Ok.  So here is the procedure.  Set up an smtp server to receive mail for your domain but has no local mailboxes (store and forward) create the DNS a record for this server IE then in cpanel set up the MX record through MX entry.  Make sure you set the backup mail server at a higher number than your primary example: Priority:0 Priority:10

If you don't have a secondary server available then you cannot create a backup MX that will actually be available if your main cpanel domain is unavailable.

Hope this makes sense.

John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
Do you actually have a backup MX with your service provider?
defreyAuthor Commented:
Are you familiar with Cpanel?
John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
Yes.  I use A2Hosting for my domains and it uses Cpanel
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