Unable to connect IPAD to web interface


I'm unable to connect my IPAD to my citrix web interface using the receiver for IPAD. My Web interface external address is https://citrix.server.com:444

It seems that the receiver for IPAD only works with 443. Connecting to the internal web interface is no problem.

My client has only one public address and port 443 is already in use for OWA so that's why the Citrix WI is on port 444. I have done this trough port forwarding in my firewall.
So when I browse to the public address on port 444, all is forwarded to my CG on port 443.

Please advice.

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FlipTripConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have solved the problem. There was a misconfiguration on my citrix server:

thx though
The technical appropiate and possible solution would be:

On the webserver which is listening to the public IP adres, perform URL rewriting:

https://www.companyname.com/owa/ will be forwarded to the inside http://exchange/owa
https://www.companyname.com/citrix/ will be forwarded to the inside http://citrixserver/ (which will include the forwarding /citrix/pnagent/ as well of course)

URL rewrite in IIS can be done by reading this link:
URL Rewrite through IIS

Hope this give you a swing in the good direction.
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately we are still working with server 2003, IIS 6.

We have an SBS2003 and a standard server 2003 with Citrix Access Essentials and Secure Gateway.

We have one public IP.
Port 80,443 are forwarded to the SBS server and port 444 is mapped to port 443 on the citrix server.

So there is no way i can connect the ipad receiver to port 444. How can i set this up in IIS6?

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Helicon allow IIS6 to perform URL rewrite:

FlipTripAuthor Commented:
I will test this thursday and let you know. thx
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
There was a misconfiguration on my citrix server.
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