SBS 2003 Mail stuck in local delivery queue in Exchange

Hi All,

The issue we are experiencing is that various mails are stuck in the local delivery queue of our Exchange 2003. Some emails seem to be flowing through but a large majority are stuck retying and never go through.

The emails are from various domains.

I have run:
isinteg -s SBS -fix -test alltests (No errors)
eseutil /p (No issues)

There are no errors logged in the event viewer either.

Server is running Symantec Endpoint Protection - I've seen various posts where people suggest uninstalling this but all result in no change of status with regards to the mail. (I have not yet tried this)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kind regards

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gerard_thusaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,

Apologies for the lack of update on this.

All suggestions were tried with no change to the queue status.

Once the queue was cleared each email address was tested with seeveral emails to it. One at a time each address was tested and 4 of the mailboxes were discovered to not be accepting the mail. Still no error to refer to though.

The 'faulty' mailboxes were backed up, deleted from exchange and a new mailbox setup for the 4 users. Once done all mail was imported back and everything was working.

I'm not entirely sure why this happened but just glad it's out of the way.

Another solution would have been to roll back to a previous date. (should have done this sooner)

Thank you for your assistance.
if you double click on the queue, it will show all the messages, then scroll to right side to see the reason of queuing the messages, can you write me the reason please?
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
When i double click i get the window 'Find messages - Local Delivery'

The details given here are:
Message Size
Time Submitted
Time Received by server
Time Expires

I cannot seem to find any place where it notifies me of a reason for failing.
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after the subject there is no any field called last error?
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
Chceck if you can ping to the internet maybe some one changed your DNS settings
which emails queued, internal emails or external emails?
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
DNS Setttings are all correct. Confirmed this.

Mail received from internal and external users bound for the internal domain are being held in the queue.
can you please explain more
please answer my below questions:
1- are you able to send internally?
2- are you able to receive internally?
3- are you able to send to external users?
4- are you able to receive from external users?
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
This is the frustrating thing is that there seems to be no pattern.

1.) internal mails - some are going through, others held in the queue.
2.) receive internally - again, some mail is received, other mail is held in the queue
3.) mail is sending externally without any issues (none that I'm aware of)
4.) I have send mail externally and replied to this. The mail did the trip without any delay.
You could try running the MTAcheck utility to see if there is a bad message that is hanging some of the worker threads, also are there any restrictions of people or groups that are denied permissions to send through the connector ? as I have seen this cause issues before.
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
There are no special permissions setup on the server restricting sending or receiving.

How do I run the MTACheck ?
do you have Forefront or Antigen Applications?
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
Symantec Endpoint.

No Forefront or Antigen.
Sorry I forgot to post the links:

XCON: Performing An MTACHECK

I cantr remember if it is included by default but if not:
To run the Mtacheck.exe utility on Exchange Server 2003, first download the utility. To do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
Apologies for the delay.
C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin>MtaCheck

Starting object integrity checks

Database clean, no errors detected.
Darran BrownDBACommented:
I'm not an exchange bod as such but spotted your question while I happened to be with our  exchange guy who kindly wrote the following.  Hope it helps.

Increase logging for  the following in ESM

  Transport general
  transport sending

  Directory Access
  Internal Processing

  Routing engine/service
  Queuing engine
  SMTP protocol

Look for categorizer errors in event log this should indicate the issue, if not the other logging will point you in the right direction. To help

on the hdd locate the \mailroot\vsi 1\queue folder

in here is where the stuck messages will be. you can move them out to another folder and then copy them back in one by one checking the event log to see what is logged

You may need to stop the services to allow you to move the messages out of this folder

check your smtp server is not failing and restarting (unlikely)

make sure your AV is not scanning the exchange folders
try to stop your antivirus and check
gerard_thusaAuthor Commented:
Details in post.
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