Outgoing mails delayed

I have an issue since 2 days back all outging mails from our exchange 2003 is delayed and wait in Internet connector queue then moved to Messages with unreachable destination queue then go out (take long time).
I use Ironport mail relay and from Exchange server I can telnet on my smart host but when I run smtpdiag tool from my exchange server got error 10060 Failed to submit mail to mx2.hotmail.com.
Connecting to mx2.hotmail.com [] on port 25

pls. advise
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NivleshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Slowness can be a result of many things
1. Emails are delayed by ironport
2. Your smarthost(which i assume is not ironport) is overloaded
3. Your internet speed has slowed down or someone is over using your bandwith and so there is not much left for smtp

Are you able to send emails out using dns instead of smarthost? If so then see if there is slowness then. If not then it could be issues with ironport

Have you restarted your iron port? Most of IT issues are solved with a restart :)

Also, is your dns working properly? Is it able to resolve and send answers quickly?
can telnet to your ironport on port 25 from your exchange server?
Send from your account an email to External address, then run message tracking from Exchange Server, and submit it here.
and run message tracking from ironport, and submit it here also.
BTW: is this problem new? was everything working fine before?
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Beheiry2010Author Commented:
yes I can telnet to ironport on port 25
disable the connector and create a new one with the ironport IP address
When creating a new smtp connector using ip the format is [ip address]
Beheiry2010Author Commented:
when I sent mail to outside and do tracking from exchange give me SMTP: message routed and queued for remote delivery and after 5 min give me SMTP: Message transfered to welcome through SMTP.
and if i do tracking from Ironport didn't find it before specified time "6 min" and the last two lines in tracking are
4:38 queued mail for delivery
4:43 incoming connection lost
waleedaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please restart your ironport

because before when i restart the HUB Server "SMTP" it's better to restart the Ironport also after that

so please restart your ironport and check if you send/receive from outside
Beheiry2010Author Commented:
the issues solved by restart both F/W and Mail Relay
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