Adding a second IP address so I can have two applications using port 443


My Client has an 2003 SBS server and SQL server and currently uses port 443 for remote web work space but now requires a mobile app which also must use port 443. The mobile app is a CRM system that gets info over port 443 from the sql server.

I have spoken to the Mobile App guys and all they have told me is you need a second IP address nothing else. I am fine with the second IP address but I am unsure how this will work on my current network or what I will need to do to set this up.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction or help with the newtork setup that is required.

Many Thanks
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WayneATaylorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the CRM application is using IIS then you can use host headers to determine which IIS site to use.

You can set the same port for more than one site, as long as you use hostheaders, i.e.  crm.domain.local for one and othersystem.domain.local for the other one. Both names point to the same IP addresses and the host headers are used to select the correct site.

Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
If the IP address is in the same subnet, this is straight forward:
- If you have 2 network cards, which is the optimum, give each one an IP
- If you want to give a NIC 2 IPs, go to advanced and there you will find the option of adding a second IP.
If you have a wildcard certificate for the Web server the following looks like it may be a solution
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coreccAuthor Commented:

If I add a second card I can only have one default Gatway set on a network card, so the second card to my knowledge can only work internally??

Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
It will use the default gateway on the first card if it is in the same subnet.
If you want it to use another gateway, you have to add a static route in routing and remote access, and not in the NIC properties.
coreccAuthor Commented:
Can you please elaborate the solution.

Currently I have the internet connection coming into my router firewall which then connects to my SBS server.

You are suggesting that i request another IP address and have two conections from the router to the SBS server. I did not think this was possible unless you removed the router and bridged a modem directly onto the SBS server which is not a solution I woukld consider.
First of all, either the web remote work space or the CRM will have to be configured to use an alternate port.

For instance
- remote work space: port 443
- CRM: port 444
Can't have 2 different aplications using the same port.

The next step, you have a choice
1. Configure port-forwarding on your router/firewall; port 444 to the server.
      The main disadvantage to this is that any client that accesses the app will need to add  :444  to the url
2. Get a second public IP address from your ISP
      Configure the second IP in your router/firewall to port-forward 443 and translate to port 444
coreccAuthor Commented:

Hi Kdearing,

I have contacted the CRM software venders and it has to be on port 443. I have done some research into outlook anywhere and that port cannot be changed either it will only work on port 443, so looks like another dead end.


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