Macro to switch graphic with other input variables

Posted on 2011-03-16
Last Modified: 2013-11-27
EE Professionals,

I have a Graphic that is composed of a set of cells where I have applied certain conditional formatting.  What I want to do is have a button/toggle switch, that allows me to maintain the exact same graphic (same cells on output), but substitute a different set of input variables into the cells to have the conditional formatting apply.  This will change the color formatting to represent the second set of variables.  

I have attached a sample of this; Condition 1 is reflected in the current graphic/set of cells. Condition 2 needs to be toggled in.  When hitting the button again, Condition 1 reappears, and so on.

I plan to ask a related question (telling you in advance) to add a third condition where it is Condition 2 minus Condition 1 with the result displaying in the conditional formatting as a third state.

Thank you in advance.

Question by:Bright01
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Accepted Solution

Saqib Husain, Syed earned 400 total points
ID: 35147414
Check this file. I have used helper cells
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Assisted Solution

by:Arno Koster
Arno Koster earned 100 total points
ID: 35147597
something like this :
Sub toggle_condition()
' Toggle conditional layout

    For Each cel In Range("C9:D13").Cells
        For Each formatting In cel.FormatConditions
            If InStr(formatting.Formula1, "H") > 0 Then
                formatting.Modify Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:=Replace(formatting.Formula1, "H", "I")
            ElseIf InStr(formatting.Formula1, "I") > 0 Then
                formatting.Modify Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:=Replace(formatting.Formula1, "I", "H")
            End If
        Next formatting
    Next cel

End Sub

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Author Comment

ID: 35151427

Thanks.  Two things;

1.) Can you have the Chart# replace "CHART" when you toggle the correct list of variables?

2.) Can you give me some guidence on how I incorporate it into my master sheet?  Specifically, I copy it into a new Module, insure that the ranges match up on the variables, insure the Chart Names are replaced properly and then link the Toggle to the routine?

Thanks much!

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Expert Comment

by:Saqib Husain, Syed
ID: 35151462
For part 1)

In my file change



="CHART "&F6
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Expert Comment

by:Saqib Husain, Syed
ID: 35151546
For part 2)

= move (not copy) the range which contains the references to the CF to another location. (In the given file you would move the range H8:H13 to another location like F8:F13 in my file

= copy values from the new range back to the original range (F8:F13 to H8:H13)

- enter an index number above this range (in my file it is at F6)

- enter index() formulas in the new range F8:F13 (enter =INDEX(H8:J8,1,F$6) in F8 and copy it down) This formula will pick up the value from the column referred to by the cell F6.

Now all you have to do is change the value in cell F6 from 1 to 2 and back to see the chart changing. This can be automated by a macro as given.



Author Comment

ID: 35151739

Update.... I got it to work in my workbook.  I'd still appreciate it if you could add a way that when you toggle, you get the right Chart name.  Also, when the macro runs, it automatically moves the cursor down several cells when you push it.  Is there a way to prevent that?

Thank you,

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Expert Comment

by:Saqib Husain, Syed
ID: 35151941
Can you be specific which of the two solutions you are talking about. The one from ssaqibh or the one from akoster.

The one from ssaqibh does not move the cursor when run.

Author Comment

ID: 35152434
Wow guys.... ok, I spent an hour testing both of these solutions and I must say I'm impressed with both of them.  Two great ways to do the same thing.  I must say that after testing both, ssaqibh's solution is my first choice; cursor doesn't move and there is no visable macro ficker (although ssaqibh's solution took me an additional 45 minutes to change all of my conditional formatting.

So akoster, much thanks, very good work.  Ssaqibh, great job.  I need one last small fix before I close this out.  When I installed your fix for the Chart change, it changed the number from Chart 1 to Chart 2.  However, my Chart 1 is actually a name and so is Chart 2.  So I don't want to change the number of the Chart, I want to actually replace the Chart 1 name with the Chart 2 name.

Can you advise me on how to do that little switch?

Thank you both,

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Expert Comment

by:Saqib Husain, Syed
ID: 35152470
replace the chart name with an index formula similar to the ones you did in the data.

Author Comment

ID: 35152819
Please show me.....

Author Closing Comment

ID: 35154268
Thanks guys; I got the toggle to work.  Very good work.  Much appreciated.

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