When I enable IPv6 on Exchange 2010 it breaks connectivity to the Exchange server

I have new installation of Exchange 2010 that coexists with exchange 2007, during the setup of Exchange 2010 I had problems with sending from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, during fault finding I disabled IPv6, and it seemed to fix the issue.
I have now tried to enable IPv6 on the Exchange 2010 server and doing so instantly drops connection to the Server (even remote desktop) the only way to get back is to on the console disable IPv6 again.

Can I leave this disabled? I have read its required and I could see other issues.
If needed any ideas how to troubleshoot the IPv6 issue??
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brotaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would completely disable IPV6 make sure you also do it from the registry too.
You do not need IPV6 for Exchange it is supported but not required.
yes you need to Disable IPV6 as it causes loto of connection issues
Gibo993Author Commented:
OK will do, simple fix, I thought I had read it was required for some reason, but I'll take the disable option, Thanks guys
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