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I am to be a part of multiple phone interviews for a desktop position. I need questions that would reveal desktop troubleshooting skills as well as team/personal skills.
The person hired we will most likely never meet face to face. So it is very important that the candidate be extremely self motivated, organized and able to work under pressure while being pulled in ten different directions. They must be able to prioritize. What I would like is a list of questions that can reveal these areas without steering the individual into the answer. For example; I do not want to simply ask "What is your procedure or thought process for completing one task while being asked to resolve other desktop problems?" At a minimum however I would like a list of solid interview questions. First and foremost I need to discover if the candidates are "team players", are they group oriented, etc.
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KzooSteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- Describe your relationship with your supervisor and your peers.

- What was the most difficult work relationship you encountered during your last job? How did you handle it?

- Without using names, describe two or three of the worst people you’ve ever worked with. Why were they so hard to work with? How did you manage those situations?

- Explain a time when you worked on a project that had complications and how you overcame them.

- How you ever been a lead on a project? If so, what did you find the most challenging?

A question I always like to ask when interviewing desktop support staff is:

"You receive a call from a user stating that the Internet is down. How would you go about troubleshooting this issue?"

In this scenario, I assume that the user has unplugged their network cable from their machine. I like to see how long it takes for the interviewee to suggest this possibility. If they use the OSI model for troubleshooting it should be mentioned in the first few answers.

Another great asset of good troubleshooters is resourcefulness. You may be surprised by the number of people unable to Google the answer to something. Often I have interviewees take a quiz using one of our interview workstations. I tell them that they are allowed to use anything on the computer or that they brought with them. I then will ask questions that they most likely won't know the answer to, for instance, "What is the address of Google headquarters?". And see how many just Google the answer. It's amazing how many just guess instead of opening a web browser.
Hi below is the very useful pdf guide for all desktop pc computer trouble shooting interview questions.

Basic pc computer trouble shooting interview questions
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David-HowardAuthor Commented:
We actually used the "Internet down" question earlier. I always like that one. I appreciate the hardware questions. But I would like "team player" questions more than anything else.
well, it tells you how to "answer" that question.

In your case, being the interviewer, you would be "looking" for those type responses, or whatever criteria you have established related to team player.
The questions will focus on determining the following:
Are you a team player?
 One of the initial requirements of being a team leader is to be a team player. The team leader interview will feature many questions pertaining to this. If you have already been a team leader in your previous company, the questions will be to the point and basic. However, if you were not a team leader in your previous company, but your interviewer sees   you as a potential candidate forteam leader, then the questions will be more ambiguous and require a better understanding on your part.
Have you handled a team earlier, in any capacity?
 This question is more geared towards knowing whether you are comfortable with handling a team or not. In every company, there comes a time when a person needs to become an “impromptu” team leader and handle the team. This basically happens in smaller companies and startups, where a particular employee assumes dual or multiple responsibilities.
How do you handle differences between your teammates?
 There is no workplace that is without any differences between two employees. However, whether it makes a difference to the production and development in the company depends on how these differences are sorted out. The interviewer will try to find out whether you had any differences with other employees, or whether you ever worked with two employees who had differences, in a bid to iron out their differences.
How did you handle difficulties?
 If you provide them with satisfactory information about how you worked with the employees, or even worked out your differences with others, your chances of being hired as a team leader increase.
Team Leader Competency based Questions
The following are questions that are asked during a competency interview for a team leader position -
• Give examples of steps taken to make each team members feel important.
• What are the key values of a leader? How do you demonstrate these values?
• What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
• How open-minded are you to other member’s ideas?
• Do you consult members?
• How do you take decisions in general?
• Give an example of risk that you had to take? Why did you decided to take the risk?
• What are the steps that you take to maintain a good co-worker’s relationships?
• How do you network? What is the importance of networking?
• How do you keep relations with a person in cases where you cannot agree upon certain issues?
• How frequently do you support others and get a support from others?
• How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated?
• What were the steps you needed to take to achieve goals?
• Give an example of a creative solution to unexpected situations when your leadership skills are needed.
• Have you ever acted as a mentor to a co-worker?
• Provide an example of a situation where you had to create an agreement between parties that were originally differed in opinion, approach, and objectives.
• How do you keep yourself and your teammates staying motivated?
• Does a leader need a power or an authority? How do influence people?
• Did you have faults as a leader? Describe the situation.
• Describe a situation when you had to convince others.
• Give an example when you had to present complex information in a simplified manner in order to explain it to others.
• How do you establish good communication and information flow with others?
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