Page on Group and Resetting Page Numbers

I have a report that has two groups.  I want to be able to start a new page when group 1 changes, as well as have the page number reset.  In the Section Expert of Group 1 heading, I check "New Page Before" and "Reset Page Number After".  I have "Page n or m" in the Page Footer.

The result is...
Page 1 only contains the report header.  No page number at the bottom.
Page 2 starts with the first group item.  Page number at the bottom says "Page 2 of 2"
Page 3 starts with the second group item.  Page number says "Page 1 of 1"
Page 4 starts with the third group item.  Page number says "Page 1 of 1"
Page 5 continues the third group item.  Page number says "Page 1 of 2"

And so on...

Two part question...
1. How do I get the first group item on the first page?
2. How do I reset the page numbers correctly?

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was just trying to ensure that the 1 of 1 wasn't from the group starting on the page with the report header.

Figured it out.  I modified one of my reports to have multiple groups and a long  enough range to have multiple pages.

Group Header - You can do the NEW PAGE BEORE here or NEW PAGE AFTER on the GROUP FOOTER

Reset Page Number After - set this on the group footer.  Otherwise it resets the page number after the group header.  

ClifAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I accidentally had "New Page After" checked.

This fixes the blank (heading only) first page problem.

However, it does not fix the page number problem.  That is still an issue.  It seems that, whenever a group will span multiple pages, the first page of the goup will say "Page 1 of 1" and the second (continuing) page of the group will say "Page 1 of x" where x is the number of pages in that group.
If you go back to the first page of the group does it reflect 1 of 2?

Are you repeating the group header on each page?

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ClifAuthor Commented:
Going back and forth does not alter the page numbers (if that is what you're asking).

The group header only appears on the first page for the group (of both those groups that are single page and those that span multiple pages)
Groups start on a new page?

ClifAuthor Commented:
Yes.  That is what I wanted and that part works.  The problem is that the page numbers seem to lag.
ClifAuthor Commented:
The ultimate solution was to use the New Page After on the group footer and Reset Page After also on Group Footer.

Thanks for your help.
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