slow access to our website from inside our office network

From within our domain when we access our external website at it's very slow.  We have a forward lookup zone on our internal DNS server for  In our forward lookup zone we have the appropriate A records that point to the externally hosted website.

If within my network I change the Primary DNS on a workstation to use an external public DNS server, then accessing our external website is nice and quick.  

So, any thoughts on why it's slow and what short of deleting the lookup zone we can do to fix this?
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If the local DNS server is able to provide answers for my theory would be a name or two you haven't accounted for.

Does anything on the site fail to load? Does it load resources from any other name under

Is also used for AD? I'm curious why it exists at all :)

menreeqAuthor Commented:
Chris-Dent, thanks...your feedback was very helpful.  It will take us time to resolve this internally but you have provided us the direction I needed.  Thanks!
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