Exchange 2010 migration from Exchange 2007


Currently running

Exchange 2007 server
2 servers, 1st Mailbox/Transport, 2nd is CAS

currently our 2007cas "DNS/Virtual Directory"  named:
new cas2010 would like to install with same name,

is it posible to do, or i have to choose new name?

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waleedaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i'm talking about the server name, but you can use the same URL OWA name

for example you user will still access to the old URL OWA name
you should install it with a different name but accessing the same OWA URL
itmtiAuthor Commented:
Doesnt make sense to tell all our 500 users to go to new site for webmail.

There should be way,

install with same name, test with single machine (change host file point to that new IP for owa.contoso) towards if all working good
switch over DNS to point to new IP

Wondering if anybody has done it this way,
itmtiAuthor Commented:
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