Neoware CA19 Will not load IE Web Page correctly

Hello All,

I've inherited an old fleet of Neoware CA19 thin clients.
I am currently publishing IE to the thin client from Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.
I am currently publishing a simple Web Catalog page in IE kiosk mode and that works fine.
However this Web Catalog system needs to be upgraded and I need to repoint the url to a new system
I have published a new IE application and the thin client picks this up fine. However, when the CA19 loads the web page, it keeps coming up as "Internet Explorer could not load this web page" as the first screen.
I've since taken off kiosk mode to test and without kiosk mode I can press F5 or refresh and the page will load.
I've tested and and it has the same issue. It tells me initially that the web page won't load, but if I manually hit refresh, the page then loads fine.

I've tried to optimise what citrix settings I could find that is applicable to this published app, but so far no luck.

Does anyone else have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this further?

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joedelapazAuthor Commented:
citrix issue. can't remember what the solution was as this was a long time ago now.
Please close off the call.
Did you test this way?

Publish a dedicated IE in citrix for this new site. in application properties, in command line: enter in this format:

c:\program files\internet explorer\ iexplore.exe ""
joedelapazAuthor Commented:
yes, that is how it is currently being published.
joedelapazAuthor Commented:
citrix issue. can't remember the actual fix any more.
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