Can I run SharePoint Foundation on my existing SQL Server?

I am planning to install SharePoint Foundation in my organization. I do have existing SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup in place. Can I use it as a DB server for SharePoint?
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sharepointguru14Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe your question was could you just use the existing sql server not run sp foundation on the server itself right. In other words you are going to have a SharePoint server and your sql server? Either way the answer is yes although I wouldn't recommend the 1 box solution especially if your using sql for other things.
With sql 2008 R2 you are good to go. Workgroup only limits you to the features that are available in workgroup. For example I don't think that has reporting services so the reporting features of sharepoint are not going to work. BUt for basic file collaboration you should be fine.
I think the main issue may be database collation.  SharePoint uses a specific collation.  And if all DBs are created using the WebUI, then from what I have seen, SharePoint will create the DB in the correct collation.  But when "pre-creating" DBs(generally recognized as a best practice), you will have to select the correct collation, or SharePoint will reject it.  What implications this has is the long term, I do not know.

In more general terms, are you sure your existing SQL server can handle the extra load from a SharePoint implementation?  SharePoint uses almost everything SQL has to offer, and uses it heavily.  

Also, diskspace can be a concern, pre-creating and locking growth on your DBs may need consideration.  If you are connected to a SAN, I would put the SP DBs on a separate LUN from the other DBs this server houses.  On local Storage, you'll need to watch your DB growth carefully, and manage site collection quotas accordingly.  But that is stuff that should be getting done anyway.

You will also need to make sure your SP service accounts have the proper permissions to the DB server, but again, you would run into that using a dedicated DB server too...

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SZUMACHEREKAuthor Commented:
At this point space requirement is not my concern, I have a new 24TB SAN. I was just wondering if Foundation has an option to chose external SQL server and if so what version? Is Workgroup good enough or it needs to be Standard or higher. I want to share SQL server with our account solution which we are planning to get.
With regards to collation, you can create databases that inherit the instance collation or have their own.  I don't see that being an issue.

Running SQL and SharePoint on the server is generally not best practice (I think the prerequisite checker might throw a warning) but it's certainly doable and should cause you no issues initially.  Just make sure that your machine can handle the grown and the disk activity.

As part of the SP installation and configuration process (run after bonaries are dumped on server) you can specify the server/instance you want to use.  I don't think there is any limit on which version as long as it's a 64bit edition.  Since foundation/2010 is 64bit only you should be placing it on a 64bit machine with 64bit SQL anyway?
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