Access violation on my delphi 7 project

That happens when I try to open the project compiled executable. Surprisingly and in spite of the error, the project functions fine.


Anybody have any idea? Thanks.
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jimyXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reasons are many actually.
Can you show some code FormOnCreate/OnShow/OnActivate...etc.
Also are you handling all your variables and declaration correctly?
If you are handling some pointers wrongly you get that error. Also some controls can have issues when assigned unsupported/unexpected values.
RezaSadighConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi my friend,
Maybe something in Create part of your program raises this error.
Check the OnCreate event for aoutcreate forms (if any) and see if you use something before create it.
also you can tracee the program by F8 and find out the error point, then I can help you more.
Best regards
try to look for RF8.exe in task manager the end the task, compile again, then ran it outside delphi ide
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Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
delete the project.dsk file in your project folder
sometimes it has an error
delphi will recreate it
BdLmConnect With a Mentor Commented:

the best idea I always follow in trhat case :

download MADSHI delphi debugging software (free for privat use) .   

you will see the line of code failing in your code
John86aAuthor Commented:
Thanks a bunch guys!
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