Lock Down Icons from deletion in Citrix Desktop

I have a customer whos employees occassionally delete an icon off the citrix desktop.  How can I protect those icons from being deleted by end users?
They have only user rights.
Tried setting read only...No GO.
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connectexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The simplest way it to place the icon(s) in the all users desktop. The downside is the icon(s) will be on every users desktop.
ktaczalaAuthor Commented:
These Icons ARE in the all users desktop folder, they still can delete them.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Right-click an icon, properties, security, Advanced and edit the special permissions.  Scroll down to Delete and select the Deny right.  They can still see and run the icon but can't delete
ktaczalaAuthor Commented:
Seems that the users that were deleting icons were somehow part of domain admins!!!
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