How to change all line sizes at one time in Crystal Reports Graph

I have a line graph built in Crystal Reports 2008. It is pulling from a field that contains 20-30 different items. Currently there is a parameter set up to allow the user to select which of those 20-30 items they want to view at a time.

The graphs lines are too thin and I would like to thicken them up. It appears this can be done on an individual basis but seems like there should be an easier way. Is it possible for me to change the data line styles all at once or do I have to select every single one individually and set their preferences?

Thanks in advance!
Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAsked:
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I just tried modifying a chart and it seems the only way to change the lines is one at a time.

Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAuthor Commented:
I was thinking that was going to be the case.. :(
Dan WeingartAuthor / CRChartCommented:
If all else fails, this IS an ability in our CRChart add-on product with macro @LS (value "-1" for series identifier means "apply to ALL series").


DISCLAIMER: This product costs money. I work for the company that makes this product.
Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dan. I will keep you in mind. For the graph I have now, changing the 20-30 or so lines wasn't too bad, but there is great potential in the future that I will have graphs with a lot more data.
Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAuthor Commented:
This is just not a possibility.
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