Creating a New VM Server

I am running VMware 4.0, I wanted to create a new Windows 2003 VM Server but I don’t want to do it from scratch. Is there a way for me to copy one of my other VM servers that has all the updates and patches and give it a new name and IP address or can this be done?
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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a Template of the VM you want to use (rt-click on VM -> Template -> Create Template). Then, you can rt-click on the Template and choose 'Deploy VM from Template'. If you need the Template as a VM again, just rt-click it and select 'Convert to virtual machine'.

Or, you can rt-click on the VM and select "Clone". This will simply create a copy of the existing VM pretty quickly/easily.

If you saved all VM files in the same directory, then just make a copy and it will work fine.
If you have the VirtualCentre client, right click on the server you want to copy and select Template - Clone to Template.
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step-by-step goes a little bit like this : (mileage may vary)
-. Click the host > configuration
-. Right-click datastore  > Browse Datastore
-. Create a new folder in the store
-. Copy the desired VM folder
-. Paste it to a new folder
-. In the new folder, select the .vmx and add it to inventory
-. run the 'new' (cloned) VM
ahmad1467Author Commented:
Thaks I will give this a try.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Easiest way to do this is do a V2V using VMWare Standalone Converter.  In the process you can resize the volumes, add/delete hardware, rename the VM, etc....
ahmad1467Author Commented:
I did a (rt-click on the VM -> I seen Template -> then the only other option I get is Clone to template I tried Clone to template but it fail and I got theses messages
Warning :
Migration from to and resource pool Resources:
Copying this virtual machine will cause loss of
snapshots at the destination.

Cannot clone ABC-Scheduler: Operation timed
Do you have snapshots on this VM? If so, remove them.
ahmad1467Author Commented:
I created a new VM from one of my existing VMs is there anything I need to do besides change the IP and the Server name so that it won’t cause a conflict?
Nope...thats all. Just install VMware Tools.
Yes if its windows.. change all the sid's.. You can use a little program newsid.exe
Google for the program
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