OWA 2003 doesn't show some attachments

I am running an Exchange 2003 server and am noticing that some messages in Outlook that have documents attached are not showing the attachments in OWA. It's not true for all messages with attachments, but for some. I am running SP2 on Exchange. I know there is a fix out there for this exact problem, but found that it only applied to SP1 and was fixed in SP2, so back to the drawing board.
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Are they in the blocked list?

Greg27Author Commented:
Of the ones I know of, one attachment is a .pdf and the other is a Word doc (.doc or .docx). Neither are on the list.
Do you see them if you hit forward?
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Greg27Author Commented:
When the user is on their Mac, they cannot see the attachments, but can see them if they forward or reply to the message. If they are on a Windows box, they cannot see the attachment and they also cannot see the attachment if they forward or reply to the message.
Greg27Author Commented:
Let me qualify that. THis is not the case for every message with an attachment. I am hearing about 60% of messages with attachments are fine, but 40% are not viewable.
So if i'm correct there is a difference between OWA on a MAC and on a PC ? Can you check on a pc if there is any difference in the light and normal version => try using forms authentication or another browser (like firefox). Did you already try to recreate the OWA virtual folders? It seems to me that there something wrong with OWA if OL en entourage show them correctly.

Recreate OWA folders=> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883380

Another thing you could verify is that the mailbox database is not corrupt. Here is a good article on this: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Exchange-ISINTEG-ESEUTIL.html
Make sure to make a backup before checking the integrity.

Greg27Author Commented:
My guess is that it has to do with the browser, but ultimately it's an Exchange issue. OWA should eb the same no matter what OS or browser you use. It's the issue with how OWA is displaying the attachments in IIS.
Greg27Author Commented:
Robbe, Sorry, Regardless of Mac or PC, if the users accesses OWA they cannot see the attachment, but if they forward it or reply to it, then the attachemnt shows in the reply message or the forward message. Any thoughts?
Did recreating the OWA folders fixed the issue or do you still have the sam issue. I tried at some customers and it works without any problems here.
Was this issue ever resolved or what was done to fix it, I am having the same issues.
fack, after 4 months I was able to resolve the issue.  I applied 2 fixes at once because I didn't want to restart the server multiple times, but after I restarted teh server, the users were able see the PDF files.  YAY!,

Here's what I did:

Open exchange system manager and navigate to global setting then right click on "Internet Message Formats", then left click properties.  left click add then type in the "Type: field:"  application/pdf, in the "Associated extension"  type pdf.

apply then ok
download and appy the hotfix, "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935342" restart server and voila.

Will I get points for this or something?

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Greg27Author Commented:
CsparksIII, Sorry for the delay in responding. I am no longer at the same job, so I am not sure if this fixed the issue or not, but since it might help some, I am giving you the points. One thing I did find out just before I left is that Microsoft is saying that it is an issue with the way Exchange 2003 is handling attachments from Exchange 2010. They were planning on putting a fix out, but had no idea when that would happen.
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