Sonicwall Virtual Assist Server

I am trying to setup Virtual Assist on my sonicwall NSA 3500 and the sonicwall document is useless. When I used the client to become a technician or a client, it asks for the server address. What is this server adress and what am I supposed to do from there? I tried to enter my own computer IP, the Sonicwall IP and it does not work and the documentation does not even mention this settings and what you need to do unless I am missing something. Any help would be greately appreciated

Information TechnologyAsked:
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
let's start with the config. would you review the link below and make sure the settings line up? we'll have a good baseline before troubleshooting if they do line up.
Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
That is very helpfull!!! I will review and let you know. Thanks!!!
Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!
you're welcome. thanks for the points!
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