Cisco catalyst 2960 switch

I am ireplacing all my Nortell 100mbps swotches with Cisco 2960 Catalyst gig switches. I am installong my first one and I did not change the default vlan (1) on the ethernet gig ports. I have configured the Finber Trunk ports to match the same native vlan as whats on the core switch.(vlan 98)

Do Ineed to configure the ethernet ports with the native vlan (98) (same as trunk ports) or do just leave them at the default setting of vlan 1????
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SIM50Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Trunk ports should be in their own separate VLAN and that VLAN should not be used for any other purpose, just for the trunk links. All other ports can be in any other VLAN.

It is a good idea to use some other VLAN besides VLAN 1 for security reasons.
tbartimAuthor Commented:
OK Thanks
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