Wordpress Website needs form with selecting options and final value

I'm building a website in Wordpress and need to add a form which has different options available for selection in different sections, leading to a final value to be displayed in the final box, depending on those inputs. I'm not sure of the exact details of these options but I do know that this is the type of input/output needed.

Can anyone recommend a plugin or software to do this with? I'm not a java guru so any help would be appreciated!
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jtwcsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out Gravity Forms, http://www.gravityforms.com/  It's not a free plugin, but it's definitely worth the price.  You can usually find coupons online to save some money as well.
Mark BradyConnect With a Mentor Principal Data EngineerCommented:
Just post what you require for these values and exactly what you need to see and we will write the code for you. Pretty simple!
CSHTechAuthor Commented:
Many thanks jtwcs.

Also thanks to elvin66 for offering to write the code.
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