Split issue with a for loop

Posted on 2011-03-17
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a problem with a split taking in multiple email address parsed by semicolons. The for loop repeats the data from the previous email if I have back to back "::". How do I validate while space created by the split to eliminate duplicate emails going out.
If (Cstr(Request("Submit")) <>  "") then

SendtoEmail = Request.Form("email_Address")
additionalText = Request.Form("remarks")
cc = Request.Form("cc")
Response.Write(SendtoEmail) & "<br>"
Response.Write(additionalText) & "<br>"
Response.Write(cc) & "<br>"

    Dim strEmail
    Dim p
    Dim i
    Dim e
    Dim c
    SendtoEmail = Replace(SendtoEmail, "; ", ";")
    SendtoEmail = Replace(SendtoEmail, " ", ";")
    SendtoEmail = Replace(SendtoEmail, ",", ";")
    strEmail = split(SendtoEmail, ";")
    Response.Write(strEmail) & "<BR>"
    for i = lbound(strEmail) to Ubound(strEmail)
    p = strEmail(i)
    Response.Write(p) & "<BR>"
    lstrEmail = replace(split(p, "@")(0),"", "")
    Response.Write(lstrEmail) & "<BR>"
    If Len(lstrEmail) <=0 Then
    Response.Write(Len(lstrEmail)) & "<BR>"
    SendtoEmail = lstrEmail+""
    Response.Write(SendtoEmail) & "<BR>"
    If cc ="Yes" then
	senderEmail = mail
	senderEmail = ""
	end if
	'Response.Write(senderEmail) & "<br>"
	dateTime = Now
	'Response.Write(dateTime) & "<BR>"
	set emaildata = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
	  emaildata.Open Opinion,dataConn, 2, 3
	set sysMail = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
	sysMail.Configuration.Fields("") = ""
	sysMail.Configuration.Fields("") = 2
	sysMail.From = ""
	sysMail.To = SendtoEmail = senderEmail
	sysMail.Subject = "Your co-worker "&senderCN&" emailed you this story '"&title&".' "
	HTML = "<html>" & vbCrLF
	HTML = HTML & "<body>" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "<table  bordercolor='#cccccc' border='1' align='center' width='700px' cellpadding='8' cellspacing='0' style='font-family:verdana;font-size:11px;'>" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "<tr><td >" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & " <img name='"&siteName&"' src='"&commonImages&logoPath&"' type='image' /><br ><hr><br>" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "<span style='font-family:verdana;font-size:14px; color:#663399;'>Your co-worker "&CN&" emailed you this story <b>'"&title&".'</b><br><br> To read the story <a href='"&NGUID&"'> <b>Click Here</a></b></span><br/><br>" & vbCrLf& vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "<span style='font-family:verdana;font-size:14px; color:#663399;'><b>Remarks by sender:</b>"&additionalText&"</span>"
	HTML = HTML & "<table  bordercolor='#cccccc' align='center' width='100%' cellpadding='8' cellspacing='0' style='font-family:verdana;font-size:11px;' bgcolor='#f5f5f5'><tr><td>"
	HTML = HTML &"</td></tr></table>"
	HTML = HTML & "</td></tr></table>" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "</body>" & vbCrLf
	HTML = HTML & "</html>" & vbCrLf 
	sysMail.HTMLBody = HTML
    end if

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You could always replace :: with :

SendtoEmail = Replace(SendtoEmail, "::", ":")

otherwise you can write a if statement to check if strEmail(i) is blank

if p <> "" then
'-- continue processing code

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Thanks, If p <> "" Then seems obvious now, but I was drawing a blank.

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