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Dataset - Out of memory Exception

Posted on 2011-03-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi all,

I have a database table with 60 columns.

I am bringing the data from the table into the dataview and using the dataview, i am filling a grid.
This dataset will be having around 300 rows or more.

 dataSet = New DataSet
 myDataAdapter.Fill(dataSet, "Regulars")
 dv = New DataView(dataSet.Tables("Regulars"))

This grid will refresh every 30 seconds. So, every 30 seconds, a connection to the databse is made and the above 3 steps are repeated.(Winforms Application)

Now i am getting outofmemoryexception.
Is there anything wrong with the way i am filling the grid?

Each time a dataset is created and filled, would it automatically clear or dispose the existing dataset?

Thanks in Advance

Question by:rowternet
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Expert Comment

ID: 35160113
I am not sure if this actually is the same issue but i had a similar problem a while ago. I had to use the BindingSource property because the datagridview was not correctly releasing the dataset when I had to update it constantly.
Here is some info on "bindingsource":

and here is an article from MS explaining how to fix the memory leak problem using a BindingSource:

Author Comment

ID: 35160299
Hi lenordiste,

This is in production and i cannot change the code to use the binding source at this time.
There is a lot of manipulation going in there before i fill the grid.
But these are the 3 steps which i think are causingthis issue.

Whenever i use a myadapter.fill(ds), would the new data be appended  to the dataset or overwrite the existing dataset?
I assumed this would overwrite.

msdn documentation for dataadapter says this:
"You can use the Fill method multiple times on the same DataTable. If a primary key exists, incoming rows are merged with matching rows that already exist. If no primary key exists, incoming rows are appended to the DataTable."

Since i am using the ds = new dataset, what happens to the previous dataset would it be removed or no?


Author Comment

ID: 35160381
Another question:

The page that has the grid will be open atleast 12 hrs a day ata stretch.
Can i dispose the dataset after i populate teh gridview?

Would it cause any issues?
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Accepted Solution

gamarrojgq earned 2000 total points
ID: 35160424

Depending on the scope of the dataSet variable, if the variable is declared  inside a method it should be destroyed when the method finished, but if it is declared outside a method it would persist until the CLASS that contains it is detroyed.

A couple of things you can try is to use DISPOSE method after this line

myDataAdapter.Fill(dataSet, "Regulars")

Add  this one


This will mark the object to be destoyed, but it will be release the resource until the garbage collector happends

Author Comment

ID: 35160488
hi gamarrojgg,

Depending on the scope of the dataSet variable, if the variable is declared  inside a method it should be destroyed when the method finished, but if it is declared outside a method it would persist until the CLASS that contains it is detroyed.

i think this answers my question.
This ds and dv are declared public to the class.
I may have to explicitly dispose them or use myadapter.dispose as you mentioned.

I might leave this question open for a while before i close.


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Expert Comment

ID: 35160528
ok, great, another thing would be your Connection to the Database, are you passing a Connection Object to the Dataadapter? or you are passing the STRING CONNECTION?  because the out of memory exception could happend if you have Connections leaks, so you may check that you are closing/disposing your connections

Author Comment

ID: 35161099

I should not dispose the dataset and dataview i guess that would erase the data from the gridview.
Connections are not a problem. They are being closed.

Or i have to declare the dataset and dataview locally not at form level.

Right now i am having it like this:
Dim dataSet as dataset
dim dv as dataview

public sub mymethod()
dataSet = New DataSet
 myDataAdapter.Fill(dataSet, "Regulars")
 dv = New DataView(dataSet.Tables("Regulars"))
end sub
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Expert Comment

ID: 35161196
well, once your Dataview is assigned to the gridview and the DATABIND method of the gridview is called , you can Dispose you dv object.

It wont affect you grid if you dispose the Dataset and Dataview after that.

Author Comment

ID: 35468198
Please Select gamarjogg comment ID:ID: 35160424 as answer.
I selected my comment as answer by mistake.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 35468202

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