Best way to check for file type and size before uploading with Coldfusion?

I want to let people upload files onto my server, but I want the system to check to make sure the file is one of the correct file types(.gif, Jpeg, Bmp) I allow; then to make sure the file is not to big.
I would like the system to check for all this on the same page, can someone help me with this?

You can see the code below of what I'm using now, but this is done on my post page not the form page?
<cffile action="upload" 
  <cfquery datasource="#dn#">
  update Logos 
  set logos = '#Clientfile#'
  where id= #customer.ID# 
	<cfif cffile.filesize gt 2000>
	<cfthrow type="sizeerror"
	message="File is to big; your file must be smaller than 2.0mb.">
	<cfcatch type="sizeerror">
	<cfabort showerror="#cfcatch.message#">

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To get file information from the client before it is uploaded to your CF server, you may need an upload client side plug in.  We've done this in the long past with an ActiveX controller that ran on the client's device when they select a file to upload.
If you're using  <cffileupload>, it supports limiting the file types and sizes via flash. However, you should still re-validate on the server as you're doing now for security reasons.  Never trust client side validation.

    extensionfilter = "none|jpg,jpeg,png"
    maxuploadsize = "file size in mega bytes" ....>

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overcolorAuthor Commented:
@Billfusion can you give me an example?

@Agx I was trying to do this without cffileupload for non-flash browser, but please let me know if I'm doing this wrong??
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I was trying to do this without cffileupload for non-flash browser,

Ok. But you can't do this on the client side using plain html alone.  As Billfusion said you need some sort of plugin like ActiveX or a java applet, Flash, etc...  Not every browser supports them, and they can all be disabled.  So with any of those options you risk excluding a portion of your users.  So if you really want a client side filter too - then it's a matter of choosing the lesser of the evils.

But keep in mind the client side plugin is for a smoother user experience. For good security you must still validate on the server side too.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
Well here is one way you can do it!

<cfset msg = 'File Too Large'>
Upload Code goes here

Yeah, but they're already doing that in the original post. The question was how to do something similar on the client side.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
Ok, There is a Threaded Discussion @ bennadel post

Check out! the same thing you are trying, i think java is the solution they found, check the comments out
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
@myselfrandhawa - I think you're misunderstanding :)  Those all discuss validating on the server side after the file is already uploaded.  The asker was inquiring about filtering on the client side, before the file submitted to the server.
overcolorAuthor Commented:
Maybe the best thing to do is to let the file go into a temp folder then, check it there, if it is not correct then throw a error using <CFABORT>..???
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
Hi @agx, If you read the comments of the blog posts, they are already discussing how to detect the length of file before upload, one has discusssed a way using java but i do not his name in comments!

Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
Well! There is one other way using javascript! but i think that works in Internet Explorer only using some file system object but i did it long before and now i do not remember where i have placed it, if found, i will place the code here
@overcolor - You can certainly do both: validate on the client and server side.  For the server side, as you said - run your checks and if the file fails (too big, wrong type, etc...) just delete it and display an error message.
To be clear, <cffile action="upload"..> is something of a misnomer. It doesn't actually upload a file. The file is already on your server.  All <cffile action="upload"..> does is move the uploaded file from CF's temp directory whatever destination directory you supply.  So go ahead and use it. Then check the file details afterwards. If it doesn't meet your requirements, just delete it.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
@ overcolor, @agx, Yes that will be Pretty Straight Forward Method for Checking,

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