exchange 2007 log file missing

I try to run the built in backup on a SBS 2008 server and get the following errors,
Local disk (c:) Catastrophic failure Detailed Error:
Exchange: Application will not be available for recovery...

the backup stops 0% complete.

The server event log files report the following:
eseutil (11768) The log file \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy20\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\E0000020CF6.log is missing (error -1811) and cannot be used. If this log file is required for recovery, a good copy of the log file will be needed for recovery to complete successfully.

I'm worried about database integrity, does anyone have any recommendations how I should proceed?  
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Dismount your DB, do eseutil /mh on it and verify it is showing 'Clean Shutdown' then move all the logs (apart from E00.log and the .chk ) to a different folder then mount the DB and back it up with a full backup, once the backup is comPlete you can delete that folder you moved all the log files to.
itconsultant7717Author Commented:
sounds like this will compromise data, do I run the risk of losing users email? I thought the log files needed to be committed to the database before they could be deleted or users would lose email. Or, is the database fine and this will only effect the restore process meaning I need to do a backup immediately to get the backup up to date.
If you shutdown/dismount the store and it shows 'clean shutdown' then all log files have been committed and there is no more data to write into the database and the logs can be moved/deleted.

Move them if you are worried, but leave the e00.log and .chk so the log numbers don't restart when you mount the store.
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itconsultant7717Author Commented:
If all I plan to do is run eseutil /mh to verify a clean or dirty shutdown and I don't move any files will I be able to mount the store after? Trying to familiarize myself with the eseutil it's been awhile, it may be better for production to wait if I can't mount the store after.
Yes, eseutil /mh is read only and takes 2 seconds to run. You can mount the store straight away afterwards.
itconsultant7717Author Commented:
I ran eseutil /mh and verified a clean shutdown, does this mean I can delete all the log files except E00.log and E00.chk? There are also these files:
- E00tmp.log
- temp.edb
- E00res00001.jrs
- E00res00002.jrs

Should these be deleted also?

So I should delete everything but these three files: 1. Mailbox Database.edb, 2. E00.log, and 3. E00.chk

Thanks for all your help.

Yep, you can move/delete everything like you said. The .jrs files will get recreate when you mount the DB
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