Recommendation on Site-to-Site VPN

I am after a small business solution for a Site-toSite Hardware VPN appliance to link a new remote site to a SBS Network.

Users are currently just using an individual VPN to connect to central office, but as we expand we need to look at a permanent VPN solution.

I am based in Australia, so would prefer to have an appliance available here.
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connectexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm personally a fan of the SonicWALL products. Their TZ is very well priced and doesn't have user based restrictions. Here's the conparision of the TZ models:
ucando1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have has a lot of luck with Fortigate and the price is pretty good.

Depending on the size of the offices, a 50b and the main office and a 30b at the remote,

vervenetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Watchguard products are very straightforward to use.  With the management server, you can remotely manage firewalls, and create site to site VPN with drag and drop. For small business look at the XTM 2 series.
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ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I will also recommend SonicWall they offer more than just VPN links. Another good thing about Sonicwall is that it retains VPN connection despite a slight drop in your boardband connection, i.e. no reconnection required.
NeilParbrookConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I Use Draytek Products and have never had any real issues with them.
FlippAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.

I do like the reputation of SonicWall products, but want to check the technical specs I should look for to ensure I can connect from office to office to link via secure VPN?

So from the Australia SW site, which models am I looking at - offices are very very small.
I believe SonicWall is a "global" business so I think most of their products are offered worldwide.
You will need two (recommend same product) one at each site.
I personally wouldn't consider anything that's not a currently sold product. That's at least TZ-100, TZ-200, and TZ-210 models. The TZ-170 is not being developed for anymore and it was also sold as 10/25/unlimited user models. And if you want a wireless model it's only 802.11G and the new ones are 802.11N.
FlippAuthor Commented:
Awesome - thank you all. I am getting in touch with SonicWall.
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