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Hi Experts,
I am looking for the PowerShell script to enable users to access Lync 2010. We have 500 AD users and need particular pool name which is email address, once execute the Script need the text based output file user account has been enable successful.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Asked:
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Import-csv C:\file.csv | %{$sip = "sip:" + $_.email; Enable-CsUser –Identity $_.name –RegistrarPool Pool01.domain.com –SipAddress $sip}

Where email and name are the headers in your csv file
Here is how to enable a user

Enable-CsUser –Identity "John Doe" –RegistrarPool Pool01.domain.com –SipAddress "sip:jdoe@domain.com"

if you want to use the sip address the same as email address this will become

Enable-CsUser –Identity "John Doe" –RegistrarPool Pool01.domain.com –SipAddressType EmailAddress

you want to do it for all users in your domain ??

$users = get-user
$users | Enable-CsUser  –RegistrarPool Pool01.domain.com –SipAddressType EmailAddress

more info http://blogs.technet.com/b/csps/archive/2010/06/06/howtoenableusers.aspx

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

I considered blogging about that for a while, but if you run the command below, Example 4 shows you exactly how to do this:

Get-Help Enable-CsUser -Examples

Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
Hello Akhater

Thanks for the comment. We have only one domain and I have CSV file for number of users email address. How do I import CSV file and enable the users using Sip address then after I prepared to get the output text file that confirm indicating user account enable successfully.  Could you please help on this put together?
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