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Can someone walk me through, or link me to a tutorial outlining the process involved in setting up a git website development workflow?

I have a custom PHP site and I would like to set up a local dev environment, a staging environment and a production environment. The code has config files that are used for database settings, temp folders etc which obviously need to be different per site. The code can be hosted in a private Github repository. I guess what I'm trying to achieve is

Work out how to maintain separate config files
Update staging and production directly from github
Maybe trigger the previous task via a single local command
Maybe have a way to automatically sync the live database to the dev and staging databases

I am fairly new to git so I don't know much about branching etc. All I know is how to create a master and how to commit and fetch. Perhaps it is possible to name my config files something like, and and figure it out from there? I don't know!!


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mwochnickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are a lot of topics in your request
here is a site that would be a good place to start
mstrelanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, a link from there to Capistrano seems like it should do the trick.
mstrelanAuthor Commented:
B grade because the answer was didn't explain anything, basically just told me to RTFM
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