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To know the length of a structure.

pb 10.5

If a structure contains 5 items then the length of the structure is 5.

What is the command to find the length of a structure?
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I don't fully understand the question.  Can you post an example structure definition along with what you would expect the 'length' to be?
MehramAuthor Commented:
Take this strucure

global type str_menu from structure
      distr_acc_menu            m_distr_acc_menu
      distr_menu            m_distr_menu
      distr_setup_menu            m_distr_setup_menu
      distr_pur_sales_menu            m_distr_pur_sales_menu
end type

there are 4 menu items in this structure, hence the length is 4.

I want to know the length via script
OK, I think you can do this using the ClassDefinition property e.g.

str_menu      lstr_structure
ClassDefinition                        ldc_classdefinition
VariableDefinition                  lvd_variabledefinition[]
integer                                          li_length

ldc_classdefinition = lstr_structure.ClassDefinition

lvd_variabledefinition[] = ldc_classdefinition.VariableList[]

li_length = UpperBound(lvd_variabledefinition[]) - 1
MehramAuthor Commented:
Just like that!!!!

I love u!!!!
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