Windows 7 Professional 32bit performs very slowly

Recently I installed a brand new Dell Precision T5500 for a costumer.
It is installed with Windows 7 Pro 32bit with 4GB ram.
The computer is running in a SBS2003 environment with 20 other PC's mostly Windows XP Pro.

The costumer is complaining about the PC being generally slowly.
Starting up slowly, running programs slowly accessing network + Internet slowly.

The PC is running Trend Micro Antivirus cloud based.

Any suggestions? :-)
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Martin_J_ParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A T5500 should not be configured with 4GB RAM, particularly if you care about performance.
It is a fast box - or at least it should be!

If it's a T5500 then it will either have Xeon 5500 "Nehalem" or Xeon 5600 "Westmere" series chips.  
If it is a single CPU chip then it should have 3x DIMMs, so 3x 1GB or 3x 2GB DIMMs.
If it is a dual CPU chip box it should have 6x DIMMs, so 6x1GB DIMMs (3 per chip).
The RAM is triple channel and will perform much better with 3 or 6 DIMMs, depending on whether you have 1 or 2 chips on the motherboard.

Depending on which CPU chips you have the RAM should be DDR3 1333MHz or 1066MHz.

The other thing is that machine is probably best suited to 64bit Windows 7, not 32bit.

Do make sure you've got all of the latest drivers from the site and the latest BIOS update as well.
OhmitAuthor Commented:
Hi Martin

Sure sounds like youre the man to speak with! :-)

It is a T5500 Westmere
One Intel Xeon E5503 2,0 Ghz CPU
4 x 1 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3 ECC-UD
160 GB SATA 10K rpm
1 GB NVIDIA Quadro 2000

It has to be 32bit because of a special LOB application.
jarrod_williamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi their.

You will find the following article very interesting to read. Its about making Windows 7 faster than it already is.
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Martin_J_ParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not familiar with the E5503 chip.  All of the models I've got have high-performance chips starting with an "X"!  Looking at the Intel specs, that's only a dual core chip.  That's a bit of a shame.  The E5504 would have given you quad core for not much more money.  The T5500 isn't a cheap box and spending a bit more on the processor can make quite a big difference to speed.

Here is the Dell memory configuration guidelines manual - 

As you have 4x 1GB, try removing the one in DIMM socket 4 and see if it helps.  
From that document I linked to above:
"NOTE: If more than one Quad rank DIMM is installed within a channel (DIMM1 & DIMM4, DIMM2 & DIMM5, DIMM3 & DIMM6) then the maximum DDR3 speed is reduced to 800 MHz. Spreading Quad Rank memory modules across multiple channels is recommended."

That implies that not only are you not getting 3 channel throughput, the RAM speed will have dropped from 1333MHz to 800MHz!

So you should have 3 DIMMs one each in DIMM slots 1 2 and 3.  Note that those slots are usually not in order on the motherboard, so they will probably be 2 slots apart (see picture in the doc).

Win 7 32bit isn't going to give you much benefit from that 4th 1GB DIMM anyway, so you won't be losing out much.

The hard drive isn't bad, but a SAS drive would have been quicker.  The graphics should be reasonably good.
Martin_J_ParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's a useful article Jarrod.  Nice one!
ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Download Microsoft tool process explorer to identify which process is slowing down the computer Run it on the client computer.

jarrod_williamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I tried it on a PC, followed the steps..

It sped up that Pc by quite alot..
Martin_J_ParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think that it's the configuration which is at the core of the problem and not just a slow process.  These Xeon chips aren't like previous generations.  If you get the RAM config wrong it can slow the machine down by 50% or more.  Some Core I7 chips have this problem as well.
OhmitAuthor Commented:
still a slow system but a lot of good advices!!
good to keep in mind for future cases
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