Doing a ufsrestore from a tape

Can anybody help me restore from a tape please using ufsrestore?

I backed up my file systems as follows:

ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0n /
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0n /var

I'm using ufsrestore -iv
I'm prompted to enter the Volume Name (default:/dev/rmt/0)
I enter /dev/rmt/0n here but it just keep displaying "Mount volume 3" & then repeats the above "Enter volume nane (default: /dev/rmt/0). Again I enter /dev/rmt/0n & get "Mount volume 4" then.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
opt and var are only mountpoints under /.

mt rewind
mt fsf 1
ufsrestore -iv

should show you the contents of var

mt rewind
mt fsf 2
ufsrestore -iv

should show you the contents of opt

What are you trying to do?

If you want to restore /var you must position the tape at the correct file.
This can be done via "mt fsf" or by using the "-s" flag of ufsrestore.

mt -f /dev/rmt/0 rewind
mt -f /dev/rmt/0n fsf 1
ufsrestore ivf /dev/rmt/0n

mt -f /dev/rmt/0 rewind
ufsrestore ivfs /dev/rmt/0n  2

Your backup uses the c option. You have to locate all the tape cardridges that are part of this backup.
look in /etc/dumpdates for details on the backup.
Presumably you have an auto-load tape library.
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itwexAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies; still looking for / & /var.

Here's exactly what I did:

ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /var
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /opt
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /export/home
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /u1
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /u2
ufsdump 0cfu /dev/rmt/0 /u3

mt fsf 0
ufsrestore -iv
I have /opt here.

I repeat the mt fsf for 1,2,3,4 & have /export/home, /u2, /u3 & /u4.

I don't want to restore anything at this stage but I need to ensure that I have a complete backup of the Server & just can't locate the / or /var filesystems.

mt rewind

before ufsrestore
... and don't forget to use the "norewind" device for ufsdump


else the cartdridge will be rewound at close and the next ufsdump will overwrite the previous one's data.
itwexAuthor Commented:
Okay, sorry should have mentioned above that I did used the norewind options - used /dev/rmt/0n each time.

I now did:

mt rewind
mt fsf 0
ufsrestore -iv
when I list everthing now I do have the contents of / & I see opt & var here but when I cd into those directories I cannot see any files in them. Any ideas on how I view those?

/, /var & /opt are all on /dev/dsk/c0t0d11 but on different slices.
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As wmp pointed out your process is an append mechanism which means that you have to position the tape in the correct "file"

you can also do mt rewind
ufsrestore -ivs n
where n represents the file position you want to look at.
0 for /
1 for /var
6 for /u3
itwexAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
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