Certificate services on terminal services licening server

I am looking to demote a domain controller with server 2003 to a member.  This server is also our terminal server licensing and Citrix licensing server.  In order to do this certificate services needs to be un-installed.

Do terminal services and/or Citrix licensing depend certificate services?
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With 2003, licensing does not have to be on a DC.  It can be on a member server.
Carl WebsterCommented:
No they do not.
Before you demote, make sure you transfer the licensing services to another DC.
Presumably you have taken steps to plan the transfer of the certificate server to another DC i.e. backup the certificate server and then restore the data/configuration on the other. Or was this a subordinated Certificate server?
ARC-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks we do not have a cert. server.
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