Timezone here ast -4 -what timezone to set then

Hi experts.

The timezone here in Puerto Rico is AST -4.   How to set and what timezone to set in Hp-ux version 11.31 and 11.23?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the following:
export TZ="GMT"
the issue is that if your TZ specification does not match the timezones that the system knows, it will default to GMT which is likely what you are looking at.

I'm not sure where the timezone info on HP-UX is.
Set your TZ to GMT-4 and that should it for you since you do not have daylight savings changes.
Alberto CortesCommented:
The timezone is determined by reading the 'TZ' environment variable.

This variable is set when you execute 'set_parms timezone'. Set_parms
edits the file '/etc/TIMEZONE,' which exports the 'TZ' environment
variable. When you reboot after executing set_parms, the file
/etc/TIMEZONE will be read and your TZ variable set to the value you
specified. The value is in the format:


For example: PST8PDT for the U.S. Pacific Time Zone

See the environ(5) manpage for a detailed description of the format.

Note, the offset for daylight savings time is supplied by the
'/usr/lib/tztab' configuration file.

libc functions like ctime use the 'TZ' variable to determine the timezone
LindaCAuthor Commented:
Hi.  My timezone is AST- 4.  What timezone to set  in order to get AST- 4.
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LindaCAuthor Commented:
We use timezone America/Puerto_Rico wchis is ast -4

Waiting for someone who can help me
Alberto CortesCommented:
LindaCAuthor Commented:
That is set like this.  but the thing is that when I put export TZ=America/Puerto_rico it gave me the date as 4 hours later.

America/Puerto_Rico is needed in the Oracle Monitoring agent that will monitor the database and the server.

Other solaris servers have set America/Puerto_rico and the agent as America/Puerto_Rico and the hours still the same.

something is wrong here .
Alberto CortesCommented:
Test like this:
1. login
2. export TZ=AST
3. date
To remove just do export TZ=
LindaCAuthor Commented:
It is 2:40 pm (14:40 in military hour) and the test gave this:

[oracle@hpdbdev1 /home/oracle]$ export TZ=AST
[oracle@hpdbdev1 /home/oracle]$ date
Fri Mar 18 18:40:24 AST 2011
[oracle@hpdbdev1 /home/oracle]$
If you prefer to see AST as the timezone versus GMT-4.
if your timezone info is in /usr/share/zoneinfo
cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
Set your zone to TZ="America/Puerto_Rico"
if you have /etc/localtime
ln /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Puerto_Rico /etc/localtime
Will do what you need/want.
LindaCAuthor Commented:
sh: /usr/share/zoneinfo:  not found.
ls -l /usr/share/zoneinfo
This is a data repository and not a command to be executed.
LindaCAuthor Commented:
[oracle@hpdbdev1 /u01/app/oracle/product/agent11g/bin]$ ls -l /usr/share/zoneinf
/usr/share/zoneinfo not found
Alberto CortesCommented:
Can you check if your NTP is synching right?

ntpq -p

Should give you an idea where you are, if any NTP clock was configured.
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