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Need to capture video from mini-dv to premiere pro cs5. What is the best way to accomplish this?

I have a client that wants me to capture video shot on a canon vixia hdv30.  This is going to be an ongoing project in which he gives me the tapes and I capture and return on a hdd.  i only need to capture the footage in the highest quality available.  Question is do I need to pick up a generic camcorder that can play tapes or is there anyother option?  Anyone familiar with a camcorder less option such as an old vcr syle setup?
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depending on your budget and which windows do you have?
Windows 7 or MAC?
Software for editing capturing may be expensive
If your PC supports the IEEE1394 cable. Firewire better than USB 2
 then you can hook the camera directly to the PC
It is probably better to convert them after you transfer for easier editing.

One thought I have never used the vcr to record Hdef tape using the enclosure hmm hidefinition VCR do they support that??

VCR forget that you could consider a DVD hard drive recorder and hook the cam corder into the USB2 and record it to rewritable dvd.Much more relaible and good quality easy to transfer if wanted to the PC or just give the DVD-r

LG Pioneer are good brands
for your consideration

Please check this out covers more of the details
Best Editing software and Converter for Canon Vixia HV30 HDV/DV:

Hope it assists let me know if you need more
Regards Merete
robelvidgeAuthor Commented:
I already have the software componet but I just need to actually capture the tapes.  a dvd option is not feasible due to the raw footage being around 12-20 gb per tape.  I guess a better question would be how do I capture tapes into premiere pro on windows 7 without a camcorder to hook up to my pc?  what other hardware is available for this purpose?

this is what I was kinda referring.

 Hi robelvidge, hmm let me think, there is many methods to this and it depends on your time and budget.. I realize the size is a problem but capturing to a DVD hard drive reduces that size but keeps a good quality. You can connect the DVD hard Drive to the PC as it has inbuilt media player.
 ok with that out..
I'll post more ideas of this

You ask which is the best way,  using the firewire is the best way to use the PC with this software but since you have only cassettes..
refs to>>
how do I capture tapes into premiere pro on windows 7 without a camcorder to hook up to my pc<< well you can't ie using the mini tapes.
You need to go the other way then and buy the VHSC adapter
here's an explaination

This a great idea>>Sony HDV Video WALKMAN but seems expensive.

or you could use this a liuttle cheaper.
 ION VHS to PC Converter Player
 it acts as a VCR,
with the ION VHS to PC Converter Player

Using what you have and with keeping in mind the steps from above to connect the VHSC adapter
to the PC and  premiere pro cs5,
Set capture format, preferences, and tracks

And on a final note you mention VCR,
Record the tape to a VCR and capture the VCR to PC using a video capture card, this an outdate method and  time consuming but often times it is the simplest method when nothing else will do.
lots of guides especially on youtube.

Tools and software required  just as a guide only
VHSC adapter
TV RCA cable and audio cable red and white to connect VCR to TV

Tv card for the PVR ( personal video Recorder)  to capture off the TV
 I dont know how to capture from TV using premiere pro cs5. But I'll find some guides for you.

TV Card like this
S-video cable with audio cable to connect the TV AVS 1 to the PC

Software to capture other than Adobe.
Pinnacle Dazzel

Well that's a base hope it assists you.
Let me know what else you need to know.
Regards Merete
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