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Hi experts,

Currently I am having an issue with internal mail flow throughout the network. I have users who intermittently receive emails and some who do not receive any from another domain user. Within the Exchange System manager there are about 200 messages that are locked in the "retry state" under the "Local Delivery folder".

How do I get mail flowing again? Is there a way to ensure these message are delivered?


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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Most local delivery issues are caused by problems with the mailstore and a dismount, repair, defragment and integrity check usually fixes the problem.

Please dismount the store when convenient and run the following:

eseutil /p

eseutil /d

isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests

The /d (defrag option) requires you to have 110% of the mailstore size (.edb + .stm) in free disk space.
For local delivery queue...
 I would first stop AntiVirus for Exchange if you have something.
2nd Try doing an IISRESET from cmd prompt. It may be that your SMTP service is hanging. But again, that could be AV related.

This is assuming all services are running? Plenty of disk space?

Forgot the other thing... I can't recall for sure, the symptoms of a big email being pushed through. I think that usually causes issues with either PENDING, and/or Local delivery.

You message store is online isn't it? You could possibly hit the 75GB limit on standard, and it drops your store offline. Again, I can't recall what the queues look like then, but I would think local delivery would be involved in that scenario.
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techguy57Author Commented:
Yes, the store is still online.. I only have about 6-7 users who cannot send and receive email internally. Some can only send but cannot receive.
techguy57Author Commented:
Would this be considered as a offline defrag?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
My instructions are for an offline repair, offline defrag and offline integrity check.

All steps are necessary.

I re-read your original post and was thinking about it... Is it always happening from say User#12 to User#20? or hit and miss? Could this be some security device on the network squashing the email being sent, and hence forcing it to retry?
We had that happen with some PDFs once between sites. It took a while to iron out what was happening. It was our intrusion prevention system (IPS)

I would suggest thorough testing for when they can or cannot send/receive.
Attachments/Size? To/From? Subject? Meeting Requests?

Also, regarding offline defrag... an easier approach would be to move one of those mailboxes to a new store. The Move mailbox wizard has an option for the number of corrupted items to skip. Bump that up to say 20. And make sure to view the report when done.

So, Techguy, did you get this resolved?
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