Re-name AD Site?

Running windows 2008 R2 std.

I have a typo in one of the AD sites name.  Can I just re-name it in AD Sites and Services?  Is there any place else I need to modify?  Just double checking - it's friday.........

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dave_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep, that's all you need to do. :)
Agree with Dave.

The renaming of sites is not significant to AD for most cases. In a rare case (a bad practice rather) where an application (using LDAP) might be hard coded to the site name of which DC it goes against is where can potentially have a problem.

Just Renaming would be enough.After site information is completely replicated in Active Directory and DNS, you may restart all DFS namespace servers or domain controllers so that they obtain the latest server-to-site mapping.
Hmm...I am not aware that the restarting of DCs would be required for DFS's latest server-to-site mapping...was that a personal experience or can you sight some documentation/link for this ?

Just Renaming is more fine

It was an personal experience only when you had configured DFS server on the renamed site and  the reason is "dfs  service maintain cache information i.e.  client-to-site and server-to-site mappings. in tech terms they are called as  "client site cache" and "target site cache. and caches are refreshed every 12 hours, but the caches are only reliably present after 24 hours."

During this time interval if the client tries to connect the dfs volume then client wont be able get connected due to wrong site info on the cache
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