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Javascript replace...Need to replace all at once.

I have a string of numbers called "sTime".   The problem I'm having is that it's replacing my numbers in a sequential order, so if I have a 0 that gets replaced by a 6, when it goes down another 6 rows of code, it's replacing the 6 with a 2.   I only want it to replace it once, even though that number may appear more than once in the string.  For example,

00112 needs to be 66778 rather than 22334, which is wrong.   Help?   My code is below.

            sTime = sTime.replace(/0/g,'6');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/1/g,'7');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/2/g,'8');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/3/g,'9');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/4/g,'0');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/5/g,'1');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/6/g,'2');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/7/g,'3');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/8/g,'4');
            sTime = sTime.replace(/9/g,'5');
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1 Solution
Use : sTime.replace(/\d/g, function($1) { return [6,7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5][$1]; })

sTime = "00112";
alert(  sTime.replace(/\d/g, function($1) { return [6,7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5][$1]; })  );


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work too :
sTime = sTime.replace(/\d/g, function($1) { return (-$1-6) * -1; });

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or again :
sTime = sTime.replace(/\d/g, function($1) { return Math.abs(-$1-6); });

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saturationAuthor Commented:
Great...Now I have another similar question related to this.

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