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Error says mailbox is full when it is not.
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NivleshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked through the Exchange System Manager to see what size the mailbox is? Are there any limits set on the mailbox? Have a look at the properties of the Storage group where the mailbox is to see if there are any limits set there. Then have a look at the user account under the exchange settings to see if there are any explicit mailbox limits setup.

When in outlook, on the left hand side of the menu, on Mailbox right click and select Properties. Then click on folder size. You will then have a breakdown of where all the space has been used for that mailbox. Now if you have a cached mailbox, you might have two tabs, one is local and the other server.

Hope this helps
sonotfAuthor Commented:
Mailbox is full problem
Is this on a outlook client or webmail??  Help us out with details
What version of Outlook and Exchange?
sonotfAuthor Commented:
A good clue to lead me to the solution
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