XenApp Server Farm

Just added a new XenApp Server to my XenApp Farm so now i have to servers.

Server one is accessed via an internal address http://<servername>:9999/Citrix/XenApp

Server two is accessed via an internal address http://<servername>:9999/Citrix/XenApp

It doesn't matter if I log onto SERVER 2, all applications launch on SERVER 1.

Why is this happening, and what can I do to stop it.

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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are doing this ALL wrong.  You don't access servers directly, you access them via a Web Interface site.  You install the same applications, with the same settings and options, to the same location on both servers.  That way both servers are identical.  Then you publish the app(s) setting both servers to host the apps.  XenApp will then automagically load balance users between the two servers based on server load.
hdtsAuthor Commented:
thats what I was figuring, but wasn't sure, however, XenApp is not choosing the second server it is only using the first server
Carl WebsterCommented:
Do you have both servers listed for the apps?
To test if the second server is working.. go to the published apps in xeapp delivery console> right click on the application>properties>servers>add only the second server and check. see all other remaining applications have two servers or only one server
hdtsAuthor Commented:
not complete, but pointed in the right direction
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