How to make html5 video tag working in IE7

Dear Experts,

I have learn html5 version at this website
but  the result is "? Your browser does not support the video tag" because
I am using IE7 in window vista. And it is no problem on Mozilla Firefox.
So I would like to know how to make it works on IE7 ?

Please advise
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IE 7 do not support HTML 5
USE IE 9 Final version
duncanb7Author Commented:
Is IE9 free ? and for those users who are insisted using IE7,what is tricky to make it work
on IE7
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duncanb7Author Commented:
I am using window vista home edition, where is website I can download IE9? I tried
it before it said my window service pack is not correct version.

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duncanb7Author Commented:
1). I tried its download but alswas report my version is not Windows Vista Service Pack2 that
not match to my system (I am using Window Vista Home Edition)
Could IE9 be used on WIndow Vista HOme Edition ?
2) The tricky from  your link is tried before but it is still in problem and same errror ,but it is no problem on Firefox, I don't know why ?

THe HTML5video.html



<title> HTML5 Video</title>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>


<video width="320" height="240" controls="controls">
  <source src="" type="video/ogg" />
  <source src="" type="video/mp4" />
  <source src="" type="video/webm" />
Your browser does not support the video tag.


duncanb7Author Commented:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
After  re-type the double quotation-marks to the following

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
it is improved a little but, The video frame is on but the error message  as image shown on attach

On Firfox is no such problem at all

duncanb7Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply
it solve in IE7 with the tricky
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