Cannot open Windows 7 Backup screen

Weird problem: Control Panel -> Backup and Restore will not open the Backup tool, nor will any shortcut from the Start menu or Control Panel

It happens under all users, including newly created ones and Administrators

From the Action Center though, I can start a new backup running but cannot view its progress because the Backup tool does not open.

When I try to launch the Backup tool, there are no entries in the Event Log.  Backups set to run from the Action Center do complete, and right clicking any backed up files do show the "Previous versions" OK.

Any ideas?
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RaneeshConnect With a Mentor IT SupportCommented:
try these

Run the SFC  /SCANNOW  command. This will check and repair if necessary any critical Windows system files.

Click on Start/All programs/Accessories then
Right click on Command Prompt option and select 'Run as administrator'.
At the command prompt enter:  SFC  /SCANNOW

also could you please tell have you got installed any other backup software which blocks default windows backup?

try uninstalling those and give a try
RedLondonAuthor Commented:
I've already tried running sfc /scannow and it didn't find anything

I've previously had Acronis True Image Home v2010 and upgraded to v2011 installed on the same PC, but have uninstalled them AND used the Acronis removal tool for each.

Also in case the uninstalls were not clean, I have separately installed the latest release of the 2010 program, rebooted, uninstalled, used the removal tool and then repeated with 2011.  There are no trails of anything obvious to do with Acronis anywhere... and also, Windows Backup ran happily for a couple of months before developing this habit.

It's possible that Windows Backup stopped working properly after installing Windows 7 SP1, but I think it was already not running properly when it was installed.
ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Launch services.msc and check windows backup service is started and set to automatic.

If nothing works then you might have to do inplace installation also called repair installation to fix you o.s but thats the last option. For now check services.msc.

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RedLondonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, yes - it's already started and is set to Automatic
Can you try to open the program in safe mode with networking. Try it

RedLondonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No, the Windows 7 Backup feature would not open under Safe Mode or under a new user.

I have resolved the problem by adding the two .reg files to the registry, the first to reset Windows Backup to remove all of the configuration and the second to fully re-enable Windows Backup after Acronis True Image has been installed.

The Acronis KB article at implies that this should no longer have been a problem with the current release of Acronis True Image Home 2011, but in my experience it was.

Windows Backup now functions properly with and/or without Acronis True Image installed.
RedLondonAuthor Commented:
Doh, sorry, typo in my closing comment: meant to say Marked my own comment as a contribution to the answer so that the PAQ shows it as a necessary step, while crediting ded9 *and raneeshcrD* with all the points (split equally) for the assistance in diagnosis
RedLondonAuthor Commented:
Marked my own comment as a contribution to the answer so that the PAQ shows it as a necessary step, while crediting ded9 with all the points for the assistance in diagnosis
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