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requirements for privately hosting an asp.net website

I have developed an asp.net 3.5 website. the client wants to have it hosted in his office building becauase its information is very confidential.

I have asked a network person and he has given the attached requirements and respective costs(see attached file). I have a fealing this is very expensive.

Is there a cheaper, easy to implement and secure method of implementing this.

Network Requirements 
The choice for workloads requiring zero application downtime and extreme scalability

The HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c delivers twice the scalability and nearly twice the performance capacity in the same data center footprint
NB54000c Server	
Technical specifications	Estimated cost
Processors	Intel Itanium 9300 series quad core 
Cost:	$7,000.00

Processors per node	2 to 16	
Cores per node	8 to 64	
Processors per cluster	up to 4080	
Memory per CPU	48 GB	
Memory per node	768 GB	
Internal HDD	SAS 146 GB, 300 GB
FC 300 GB	
Enterprise Storage	HP P9500
Dimensions	42U;
199.9 x 118.5 x 60.96 cm	

	Other Requirements	

Operating System	Windows 2003/2008 (32/64 bit) Enterprise Edition: cost:	$2,000.00
Licenses	Basic Licenses (5) for windows and terminal licenses for the connections.	@82 for additional
Security	Kerio WinRoute Firewall integrated with McAfee antivirus to on e-Policy Orchestrator in a Server environment	cost:$5,000.00
 Network Switch	3750x Manageable switch preferably Cisco manageable switches	cost:$4,000.00
External Power	A good UPS which can provide backup power for the server and other associated equipment.	cost:$1,000.00
Labour charges	Configuration and all the installations 	cost:$800.00

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Anthony Matovu
Anthony Matovu
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To give you a solid answer we will have to know more about the expected load of the application. So things like how many users are you expecting to use this application at any given time, will the server only host this application or could it reside on a "shared" system with other applications?

If this is just a singe web application that requires IIS and you expect to have a relatively low amount of traffic you can certainly get by a lot cheaper than $19,000 (if I added that all up right).

Some organizations simply have pre-defined SKU's for servers they deploy and this may be the "lowest" end they have but even then it seems on the high side from a cost perspective.

Other things to consider are will you load balance the server and what type of growth do you expect in the future.


Well, it depends on your web-application. How many clients are connected, what type of data is stored and load of processor for read-write ...
Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAuthor Commented:
The application/website will serve not more than 80 people and less than 10 persons will be logged on at the same time.

It will be dedicated to this application. I am trying to put as much security features in the application as i can.

In its life it cannot reach 200mb (the database). it is running on sql server 2005

What SKU mean?

Thank you

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Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAuthor Commented:
It will be for read and write (with much write which comes especially towards the end of each month)
Will the SQL server be hosted on the same server or on a dedicated SQL server?

But, based on what you mentioned above a MUCH smaller server than what was quoted to you could host this application.

I would argue - but not recommend that even a desktop class machine could run what you are looking for but there are obvious shortcomings there with lack of redundancy, etc.

When I mentioned SKU I was referring to a pre-defined configuration that the server admin may order from their server supplier (like HP, Dell, etc..) sometimes organizations work out deals with suppliers that they will only by 3 types of servers from them low end, medium duty, and a high end server. This typically lets them negotiate a better price on the hardware with the vendor.

The software licenses listed are pretty much a static price software cost what software cost unless they have some kind of volume license agreement.

I would also question the need for the network switch; if they office already has a network I would just place the server on that network.

Also, the Security Kerio WinRoute Firewall is basically a big hammer approach in my opinion. If the network this server will sit on is not public facing or if they already has firewalls on the network then this device is over kill. Worse case configure the built in firewall on the server and isolate the server on a network segment that is only accessible from the internal network.

Is a firewall important, YES! Is Antivirus important, YES! Are there cheaper alternatives to the prices they gave you, absolutely.

Keep in mind some companies have information technology standards and information protection standards that make the items the network administrator mandatory and if that is the case then there is no getting around it. But, if this is a smaller company who doesn't have an IT staff and they are just buying this hardware from an outside contractor they may be up selling them a bit.
Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAuthor Commented:
The SGL Server will be hosted in the same serve.

OK, even then you won't need to much larger of a server since you are talking about such a low impact application but, SQL will be an additional license cost that wasn't account for above (unless you use SQL express).
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